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Dreamy / Architect: Alina Dumitru
A refined composition, where the Gaya bed from Bolzan matches the velvet chaise longue Windsor from Arketipo. The dressing from Mercantini completes
Alpha / Architect: Alina Dumitru
An elegant approach where the luxurious finishes combine in a sophisticated scenario.
Bonaparte / Architect: Alina Dumitru
A minimalist and airy proposal, with contemporary insertions in the shower area. The geometric shapes of the cabinets complete the ensemble. The
Istanbul / Architect: Alina Dumitru
The design ingeniously explores different finishes in a space that is dedicated to pure relaxation. The mosaic from glass and natural stone Imperia
Ardesia / Architect: Alina Dumitru
An interior that celebrates the miraculous texture of stone. The unique model of every tile creates a distinguished background for the glossy white