About us


We enhance life's quality through an interior design of high value (aesthetic and functional), that we are able to offer at an affordable cost (time and money), accessible to a large range of beneficiaries. We are trend-setters and the first option for all the interior design enthusiasts. We are influencers on this market and take a role in forming professionals of the field.

We have the vision and take the responsibility for the entire process, transforming it into a creative experience filled with satisfactions,  working with the best professionals in the field (architects, designers, producers, installing teams). We contribute to the development of the business environment through a continuous support of the local design and production, at the highest standards, but also team up with the most famous international brands.

 Professionalism and Responsibility

 Performance is a privilege of the professionals, and we gather the best of them. To us, every client is a VIP, so we assign every one a personal Consultant that takes responsibility for the final result. 

Creativity and Cooperation
We generate high value interior design through a co-creation process, where the beneficiary is actively involved, along with the professionals that we recommend. The generated solutions are at the same time innovative, optimized and personalized to every context, bringing satisfaction to the entire team.

Continuous improvement. We are up to date with the latest trends in design and technology, improving our solutions and selecting trustworthy partners, in order to offer high value design at an affordable cost. We stimulate the personal development of all those involved in the company's activity. 


“Think different” - Intelligent interior design

When it comes to interior design, most people think about the cost (it suffices to follow the advertisements of the retail companies in the field), but we firstly think about value. 

From our point of view, this is the natural order - the purpose of design is to generate a value as high as possible (measurable according to the space's destination through the level of comfort, the well being, social or commercial impact it produces) and only afterwards, about obtaining this value at a reduced cost (in terms of money but also of time and effort).

We are not addressing only those keen to make a significant investment, but all those who wish to invest smartly and to obtain the maximum value from their investment. 
In our vision, an intelligent interior design scheme is an exceptional one, through design and quality, obtained at a surprisingly affordable price. No matter the value of the investment, the value criterion should precede, by intelligently assigning the resources. 

When it comes to interior design, most companies offer products, yet we think of the whole process, paying attention to every step: the inspired design of the right solution, the smooth supplying process, under competitive rates, the adequate installing. 

Although the approach "we offer products and the rest - do it yourself, it's cheaper" becomes more and more popular with the massive media promotion, from our point of view, performance can only be obtained by professionals, and we want to discover, help grow and motivate the best of them, for our clients: specialized architects and interior designers, renowned suppliers that dictate the trends, skilled workers for every category.

From our point of view, every client, no matter the budget, deserves a VIP treatment and receives it from the first moment, with the personalized Consultant, dedicated to their needs and ready to engage in the whole process, until it's last detail and even after, with the service and warranty we offer. The Consultant is always available for the client, since, in our vision , the value is obtained through a co-creation process, where the beneficiary (client), always the center of attention, works with a team of professionals led by a trustworthy and talented personal Consultant. 

Along with the value of the final result, the delivery of an intelligent interior design means a creative experience full of satisfactions. We follow this challenge through everything that we do, in our showrooms designed as "creation laboratories", where the emotion of living in the desired space is pre-tasted, and also during the assembly process, by monitoring the quality of execution.