Elena Codau
Interior design
Accent / Architect: Elena Codau
A small kitchen, personalized with the Tamed Nature furniture with turquoise panels that visually conquer the space.
The Baron kitchen composes a fluid and perfectly functional ambient.
The Baron collection brings a classical approach to this space, and the selected finishes warm up the atmosphere.
Green Touch / Architect: Elena Codau
A small space, smartly designed with the Baron furniture.
Lake Side / Architect: Elena Codau
The L shaped lay out of this Tamed Nature version allows the placement of the dining area next to the glass doors, with a sublime lake view.
Mix&Match / Architect: Elena Codau
The Mix&Match Kitchen arranges the furniture Tamed Nature in a remarkable blend of patterns, finishes and shades. The suspended cabinets form a
Nocce Glazze / Architect: Elena Codau
The Baron kitchen with dark panels composes a truly elegant ambient.
Elegance / Architect: Elena Codau
A modern approach for a special kitchen - the Luxury Glam collection from Aster shines in its silver version.