Manuel Saliche
Interior design
Round / Architect: Manuel Saliche
A fluid proposal for a small space, where the curved furniture lines and the open shelves offer an airy feeling. The custom made Formmat furniture
Tiramisu / Architect: Manuel Saliche
A dark hardwood flooring dominates this living room. The chimney area is finished with natural stone, creating a pleasant ambient.
Machiatto / Architect: Manuel Saliche
The panels of this Tamed Nature kitchen from Formmat have the color of the Machiatto foam, creating games of light with their high gloss finish. The
Attic / Architect: Manuel Saliche
A composition that wisely uses the space configuration to create a relaxing ambient.
Youth / Architect: Manuel Saliche
A modern and fluid proposal that ingeniously solves the storage needs. The accent wall behind the TV screen offers a distinguished note.
Youth / Architect: Manuel Saliche
A joyful version of the Tamed Nature kitchen, designed for a bright open space. The kitchen area is visually separated from the living room through
Tiramisu / Architect: Manuel Saliche
An airy kitchen, where the gloss finishes and the fluid shapes create an ethereal, unearthy ambient. The flooring is tiles with Casona Castano from
The Tamed Nature furniture perfectly configures this space, balancing the needs for storage with the functional and aesthetical ones.
The Tamed Nature kitchen is recreated using mdf panels with gloss finish, matching the light wooded flooring.
Caramel / Architect: Manuel Saliche
The custom made Formmat furniture has a lay-out that advantages this apartment kitchen, and the design in two colour registers (beige above, white
Vanilla / Architect: Manuel Saliche
A contemporary remake of the Tamed Nature furniture, where the gloss white visually amplifies the space and creates an airy ambient. The curved
A small space, furnished with Tamed Nature to satisfy all the beneficiaries' needs.
The ceramic tiles used on the floor (Europe Mix and Wood Sandalo Enea from Zirconio) blend with the shade of the walls, creating a warm ambient.
A savvy remake of the Baron kitchen in a small space. The chocolate counter top breaks the white dominance, balancing the composition.
Sun / Architect: Manuel Saliche
A 6 sqm bathroom, finished with the tiles Easy Colors Vanilla Brillo and Element Beige from Dalet. The wood inspired tiles Madeira Roble Natural
Bisazza / Architect: Manuel Saliche
An exclusive proposal that mixes glossy mosaic tiles from Bisazza with shiny decorations, creating a space full of elegance. The Barcelona bathtub
Leaves / Architect: Manuel Saliche
An 11 sqm bathroom designed with tiles from Porcelanosa - Tibet Arena and Mosaico Tibet Arena, also Madeira Roble Natural from Dalet. Custom made
Lemon Cake / Architect: Manuel Saliche
Conceived as a background for happy moments, Lemon Cake integrates the classical Baron Kitchen in a calming and fluid ambient.
Isy / Architect: Manuel Saliche
A design achieved with ceramic tiles from Venis, the collections Madagascar Beige and Ona Beige, plus flooring Madeira Roble Natural from Dalet.
Free / Architect: Manuel Saliche
A design that uses ceramic tiles from Keope: Percorsi Extra - Pietra di Vals si Pietra di Barge, in combinatie cu Oxford Natural de la PORCELANOSA.
Pura / Architect: Manuel Saliche
A 5.2 square meters bathroom, created for children. The ceramic tiles used in the decoration are from the Pura collection of Fap.
Catalan / Architect: Manuel Saliche
The ceramic tiles Harmony Beige enhance the stone mosaic Multicolor Bombai from L'Antic Colonial. The toilet is G-Full 120 from Hatria, and the
Bliss / Architect: Manuel Saliche
A bathroom of 15.8 square meters that evokes balance through the mix of wood inspired ceramic tiles: Oxford Natural, Taco Oxford Natural and
Plant / Architect: Manuel Saliche
A bathroom decorated with ceramic tiles Casona Castano, Oxo Garden Arena and Madagascar Beige from Venis. The furniture and mirror are from
Chestnut / Architect: Manuel Saliche
A proposal made with ceramic tiles Casona Castano, Nature Lino Dore and Lino Dore from Porcelanosa. The custom made Formmat furniture has a glossy